There are so many dogs out there in rescue centres suffering from mobility problems which can sometimes then lead to them developing behavioral issues in trying to deal with their pain. This then makes it very difficult for them to be rehomed. We work closely with local rehoming centres to try and help these dogs find their forever homes.

Rosy & Basil

Rosy and Basil have both been rehomed through The Dogs Trust, Bridgend.

Rosy first came to us whilst in the kennels at 18months old with severe hip dysplasia. Since being rehomed we have continued to see Rosy for her hydrotherapy sessions. The combination of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy has built up her muscle tone in her hind legs enabling her to lead a 'normal' and comfortable life.

Basil originally came to us whilst at the centre after having excision arthroplasty surgery on his left hind due to the presence of perthes disease in both hip joints.  He is such a little cutie we were so pleased when we heard he had been rehomed, although we would miss him. Unfortunately he ended up back at The Dogs Trust and started his treatment again following surgery on his right hind. For this he required intensive treatment so we fostered him for 7 weeks in which time Rosy's owners met him and this is where he now lives! He is such a happy little chap, and just like Rosy, is able to do things all dogs do with no ill effects. Hydrotherapy treatment in the form of walking through water in an underwater treadmill encourages Rosy and Basil to bend their hind legs much more with out the stresses they would feel on their hips on land and the resistance of the water means the muscles are worked much harder. This means we are able to strengthen their muscles and make them much more comfortable.








Munch came to us though Cardiff's Dogs Home due to being extremely overweight. She lost a massive 10kg in 4 months and the transformation in her was lovely to see. She gave us a big scare though when volunteers brought her for her last session... she came through the door very reluctantly and her stomach was very swollen. You could see the distress in her eyes. She was rushed to the vets straight away where she was diagnosed with bloat and had to have emergency surgery. It was touch and go for a while. She made an amazing recovery and 3 weeks later went to her new home...




Twizzle had an old injury to her right forelimb which had had surgery on at some point but obviously hadn't healed properly.




Shuey and her littler mates were fostered through Four Paws. She sustained a fracture to her right forelimb as a very young puppy which was repaired using an external fixator at St Davids Veterinary Surgery. Once all the pins were removed she started coming for hydrotherapy and you can see the muscles in her shoulder improving. She's not so keen on swimming but is happy just to get on with it!